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Three teenagers poor get a chance to study in school more exclusive of Spain. Unfortunately, but differences emerge – the murder of Rose. This is a conspiracy of the elite of the new series of “Netflix” that will be held on Friday (5), with familiar faces: we talked with Miguel Herrán (Rio de la House of Cards) explains one of the students, colleagues from production.

Elite talking about social inequalities, the gap between public and private schools. Here in Brazil this is a much discussed topic, especially in an election year. The series deals with this theme?
Here in Spain this is also very noticeable, it is a class struggle. We want to discuss this in a visual and very special: network. As teenagers face this kind of question? And what is the impact of parents in this? Is a universal theme. This type of conflict happens here, there, in Mexico, in Italy. Everyone knows everyone in some situation or character.

Man when people, who lives in Brazil, sees a series of high school – more of the Spanish language – Scrolls a relationship with RBD. Do you use the Mexicans as they relate to anything?

Hahah. No! I know the rebels, but was not source of inspiration.

This is the second part of the series Spanish Netflix. As you face this growth in production from non-English speaking?
Products in the English language already control this market for long enough. Finally we started in the export chain from Spain, from South America, from all over the planet. Each one speaks their own language. It is important to remember that there are other languages out there.

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La House of Cards blew up here…
Yes! I’ve seen a lot of things in social networks, music.

And how do you think Series are related?
They are very different, they have distinct personalities and very clear. But I think that the spirit of the treacherous
Is present in the two.

Netflix confirmed the new season of House of Cards. What you can do in advance?
Look in truth I know less of what people post on social networks. Still not passed me anything officially. The only thing that really said to me that it will appear a new person to be a part of the mind. The rest of me a mystery…

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