The use of the company’s Fitbit data to the fee for the 90-year old daughter killed – New York Times

In the Connecticut murder case, Fitbit is a silent witness

April 27, 2017Image

Hi, this is what you can hear? And what are you gonna do?

March 31, 2018Image

Molly Tibbets’s mother asks that The cannot be exploited to promote racism

September. 2, 2018Image

In the United States

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-28 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-28[/commentary]Pool Photo by Antonio Perez

‘We just didn’t buy it’: the arbitration was Unswayed by the officer the story in the Laquan McDonald case

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-29 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-29[/commentary]the image Pool Photo by Antonio Perez

‘Justice Laquan!’ The protesters chant, as a Chicago officer convicted of murder

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-30 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-30[/commentary]

15 lions have died in confrontations with the police. 3 officers found guilty.

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-30 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-30[/commentary]

My Tinder date lied. It was the creep?

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-31 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-31[/commentary]

You’re 22 and just got my first paycheck. You can blow up everything or …

imagem06-10-2018-23-10-32 imagem06-10-2018-23-10-32[/explanation]expected Sabbatini New York Times

Jason Van Dyke killing of Laquan McDonald’s in 2014. Now Chicago is waiting for sentencing.



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