Why are some Amazon customer I smoked for a raise – New York Times

Amazon to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 for all workers in the United States

Oct. 2, 2018Image

Target raises the base pay of $ 11 an hour heading into the holidays

September. 25, 2017Image

As Amazon pushes forward with robots, workers find new roles

September. 10, 2017Image

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Facebook equivalent to the height of the threat: Americans imitating Russian schemes to deceive

[caption id="attachment_30664" align="aligncenter" width="600"]imagem12-10-2018-16-10-05 imagem12-10-2018-16-10-05

Doug Chayka

A future where all computer becomes scary as you fear

imagem12-10-2018-16-10-06[/commentary]Minh Uong/the New York Times

How to delete Facebook and Instagram from your life forever.

[caption id="attachment_30666" align="aligncenter" width="600"]imagem12-10-2018-16-10-06 imagem12-10-2018-16-10-06[/commentary]Jeenah Moon The New York Times

Can get more people to behave like you are now.

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Katie McDole et al.

Watch this point the cells become a fetus in HD

Leonard Lacey/Science Source

Most white Americans’ DNA can be identified through genealogy databases



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