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The Sundance Film Festival Award juror conflicts?

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007

I important note during the credits Zoe Cassavetes broken English. Hidden in the depth of appropriations within the special thanks area is the name of Darren Aronofsky. For those of you who are not hip to the culture of the film, Aronofsky directed Pi Requiem for a dream and the fountain. Why is that weird? Because Aronofsky is a 2007 Sundance Film Festival jury members. This conflict of interest?

To be clear, Aronofsky is one of the judges of the Alfred P. Sloan Prize which carries $ 20,000 cash prize. While Cassavetes’ film can be considered probably would not qualify. The award aims to increase the visibility of outstanding independent films on science and technology in addition to displaying the work of cinema’s emerging to address compelling topics in these areas. Broken English centers in the middle of the work relations and not technology/science article.

I have nothing against Sundance or Aronofsky (he is in fact one of my favorite directors). I understand that personal and professional politics plays in everything in the world.

But it’s an interesting question: Did the Sundance check-in policy personal of jury selection compared to it’s selected films. Like the Oscars or Golden Globes (but to a much lesser extent) the Sundance award seal on the film poster or DVD cover can increase sales and attendance. So it’s not to be taken lightly.

If anyone knows anything about the festival the jury selection policy relating to this I’d be interested to know please post a comment below or email me at

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